Advancing The KingDom Of God

You, yes you reading this. I want you to know something that will change your life forever just like it did mine. You are a king, you are a Queen. God did not make a mistake when he created you, he created you on purpose, for a purpose and with a purpose.  My life’s mission is to Advance The Kingdom Of God, meaning my goal is to help as many people a possible to  unlock the king/queen inside of them. Ounce you realize that you were not created to be broke, sick, depressed or defeated your entire life will change.   Continue Reading →

Keys To Developing The Spirit Of LeaderShip

When we look out over the world one thing that we see lacking is leadership not just any type of leadership but Godly leadership. When God created man in his own image he created us to be a race of leaders. Although most people don’t live up to their potential, that doesn’t mean that the potential isn’t their. You’re about to learn how to unlock the leader inside of you.


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