Choosing The Life You Want

I’m about to share a simple concept with you that will change the way you look at your life. It Doesn’t if you’ve already created a Six Figure Income of you’re just looking to create a better life for you and your family. It’s actually really simple ounce you stop and think about it. It’s called choosing the life you want. Most people go through life and a they’re stuck inside this tiny box. They never really experience the best that life has to offer because they have don’t feel that it’s for them.

If this goes over your head don’t worry just re-read this article a couple of times and you’ll understand. When I say “choices” here’s what I mean, there are billions of people who wake up every single day and go to a job that they absolutely hate because they feel like that’s the only choice they have. They don’t realize that no is forcing them to work there, they don’t realize that there a hundreds of other alternatives to working that job. For example they could just quit and find another job. Here’s my point, no matter what situation we find ourselves in we always have a choice.

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Why $1,000 Should Be Pocket Chage

I about to show you some thing amazing (smart people will read this all the way to the end). I’m about to show you why $1,000 can and should pocket change. When I say that most people don’t get what I mean they just cant wrap their heads around this concept. You may get this right away you may not. If you don’t understand right away don’t worry you’ll catch it later on. Continue Reading →

Stepping Out Of The Pool Into The Ocean

I was jut thinking about an experience i had about a year ago that literally changed my life. It was very simple but it had a profound effect on me and literally changed the way I saw the world. I was down in  South Beach hanging out with a bunch of other young entrepreneurs at a private retreat. We were staying at this beautiful hotel right on the beach. You could walk outside and fell the warmth of the sunlight touching your skin. You could hear the waves gently crashing against the shore in a slow hypnotizing rhythm. You could look out the window and see crystal clear water as far as you eyes could see. It was an amazing scene.

Anyways we were out in the pool around 12:00 in the afternoon and one of my friends said he was about to go jump in the ocean, And at that moment it hit me. We were sitting inside of a pool when we were literally just a few feet from the ocean. I began to realize that most people live and die inside their pool(comfort zone) not realizing that there is an entire ocean of possibilities waiting for them



Change Your Perspective Change Your Life

I’m about to share a concept with you that will literally change the way you view the world you live in. When i say this I don’t mean it in some motivational speaker type way. I’m not saying this to pump you up. When I say this I mean it very literally. I’m constantly networking with successful entrepreneurs and six and even seven figure earners. One thing I’ve noticed they all have in common is they way they view the world. In other words I’ve never met a successful in any field with a negative world view. It’s the old argument of optimist vs pessimist. One thing I’ve learned through my own personal struggles is when you change the way you view the world , the world literally begins to change around you.  Continue Reading →

What To Do When You’re The Odd Man Out

If  everyone around you is doing the same thing, it must be right.. Right? I’d have to answer that with big no. This reminds me of a story I read about a king. This king was the wisest and most respected king in all the land. Every one loved and respected him. Then one day something happened, the town well became contaminated. Because of the contamination everyone who drank from the well went crazy and began to hallucinate. In just a few days everyone in the town had drank from the well. There was suddenly talk among the towns people of how the king had gone mad. The even began to talk about overthrowing him.

The king couldn’t stand the pressure of the towns people hating him so he voluntarily went to the town well and drank. He immediately began to hallucinate. What happened next was shocking. (Click Here To See What Happened Next.)  All of the towns people immediately began to celebrate and talk about how the king had returned to his senses.


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Cake For BreakFast

Most people don’t believe that you can have cake for breakfast. Just like most people don’t believe that they can truly have the life they want. It’s actually hilarious ounce you stop and think about it. Who’s said yu couldn’t have cake for breakfast, or lunch or dinner. The truth is you can have cake whenever you want. Just like you can have whatever kind of life you want.

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