Just Upgrade Your Standards

I’m about to share with you a powerful simple concept that will dramatically change your life in an instant. Using t is concept I was able to go from riding buses all around the place to flying first class.  It’s called upgrading your standards. When I say upgrading your standards I simply mean deciding what you will and wont settle for. You may be sating to yourself “it can’t be that easy” Now i’m saying you wont have to do anything and you cam just think magical thoughts, im saying that ounce you make a true decision everything will change for you.

The word decision comes from the Latin words (dea) meaning to cut and (kider) meaning from. In other words when you make a true decision what  your doing is cutting off all other possibilities other than the one you want. When i decided i was never taking a bus i cut off all other possibilities.


“Alternative To College”- Read Before You Consider Any Alternatives To College

You’re reading this video because you want to learn about some “alternatives to college” . Let’s just be real for a minute college isn’t for everyone. I know that most will try and make you feel like a piece of crap if you choose not to go to college. But don’t because there are plenty of “alternatives to college” and some of them are better than college could ever be.

Alternatives To College: Model Of Success

Now we’ve all heard what most people would call the model for success it goes a little something like this, go to school make good grades so you can get into college so you can get a good job. I’m sure that sounds familiar. Now the problem with this system is it ignores the fact that there a dozens of “alternatives to college”. Now I’m not bashing college I’m all for education but I have a problem with a system that shows one and only one model for success. There are literally dozens if not hundreds “alternatives to college” and in some cases these “alternatives to college” will put you on the road to success faster than college could.
There are plenty of millionaires who dropped out of college and some of them didn’t go to college at all if you interested you can check out this article on the 15 richest people who didn’t go to college. http://www.businessinsider.com/the-15…
Now, this brings the question if going to college isn’t the only way to become successful what are some of the “alternatives to college” that can lead you down the road of success?

Now in my personal opinion one of the best “alternatives the college” is choosing to become an entrepreneur. Why do i say one of the best “alternatives to college” is choosing to become an entrepreneur it’s simple. We live in the information age, that’s why people pay to go to college in the first place they feel like they will get access to some information that will help in whatever field they choose. The path of entrepreneurship is one of the best “alternatives to college” because it cuts out the middle man. Why not take the information people are already paying for learn it and resell it that’s all I do.

Now im not trying to Influence your decision on whether or not to go to college I just want you to know that there are plenty of “alternatives to college” that you can choose. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video.

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How To Build A Business With A Lot On Your Plate

I want to show you how to build a business while having a lot on your plate, because being completely honest most people have a lot on their plate and don’t actually think they could find the time to build a business. Here’s the truth you make time for the things that are important to you. If your family is important you’ll make time for your family. If your church is important you’ll find time for your church. If your career is important you’ll put in extra hours at the office. When I first got started in this industry i was working two jobs because I didn’t graduate high school. And since i didn’t graduate i was taking classes online so I could get my diploma. In other words; i had a lot on my plate and I still found a way to make it happen.



The How Part Doesn’t Matter

Most people look at things and try to breakdown and over analyze situations not realizing that the how part doesn’t really matter in the first place. When you look at a car most people have no idea how a car technically works but they know how to put the key in the ignition and drive the car. Most people have no idea how electricity really works but they know how to cut on a light switch. What im saying is the how part is irrelevant and most people get caught up on that not realizing, all that matter is that something works.   Continue Reading →

Meaning OF Entrepreneur

We live in a world where entrepreneurs are popping up left and right. This naturally brings up the question what exactly does it mean to be an entrepreneur, and that’s exactly what  Im going to be talking about today . We could look to the dictionary for the answer but I doubt that the answer would really leave you satisfied. As an entrepreneur myself I can answer the question better than any book. Continue Reading →